FORWARD to Murmansk

March 1, 2019 0News

In March this year, our best „export goods”, namely Piotr Biankowski – the winter swimming champion is going from Gdynia to Murmask in Russia to attend the Winter Swimming World Championships 2019

Piotr is a member of national team who is going to compete with the participants from all over the world in the most difficult in this season, winter swimming championships. The international group of participants provides an opportunity to verify the skills of Polish contestants who proved in the previous season that they could count in the group of the world top swimmers.

The Winter Swimming World Championships within IISA Federation (International Ice Swimming Association) will be held in Murmansk, in northwest Russia. The annual average temperature in this city, located beyond the Arctic Circle amounts to -1°C. In such conditions the swimming itself is a significant challenge, so the real achievement will be to compete with other contestants and fight for a place on the podium … declared by Piotr! 
Tricargo is eager to engage in „impossible” projects; therefore, we are happy to support Piotr Biankowski in his „gateway” to Murmansk. Together with Piotr we want to show also during other sports events of 2018/19 that there are no „impossible” projects. Cooperation and reliable partners are sufficient to achieve success.
Admittedly, our Champion has chosen neither maritime nor rail transport, he will not travel by any road means of transport either, but we have made all the efforts to make his journey by plane as comfortable and safe as possible, in a controlled low temperature – since this is what he likes best.
Our company motto reads “Each well-planned and completed task brings us satisfaction with our work and, most importantly, translates into real profits for our customers” – we believe that Piotr is going to do everything to make us proud of the Polish competitors in Murmansk. We keep our fingers crossed!